Saturday, 31 March 2012

Baby at the Beach

The first sign of sun meant an offroading adventure for the family. We went about an hour into the forest service trail, to a great 4x4 trail that brought us to a beautiful secluded beach with a pristine lake and gorgeous mountains in the background.

We set up baby on a large sleeping bag with her toys and she had a blast!!! She kept crawling to the edge of the blanket and playing with the rocks. She was quite messy by the end of the day, but she had so much fun she slept the entire way home!!!

Of course, we co-ordinated our outings with her nap times, so it made it easier to travel for a long distance. As for the 4x4ing, she was in her infant car seat with an extra head support.....we actually took her for the first time when she was 10 weeks old! She laughs and giggles at the bumps and at the scared faces mommy makes.

Oh summer, I can't wait for you to come. Except that it means my mat leave is over........crap.

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