Thursday, 29 March 2012

Time for the Big Girl Carseat!!!

So my DD is very long and lean, and although she still has 12 pounds to go before she is supposed to be out of her infant carseat, her feet are sticking 3 inches out from the base.

For her comfort and safety, we have decided to start using a rear-facing upright car seat.

Shopping for these seats can be really overwhelming. I discovered that there are seats that can be used rear facing, front facing, and can be converted into a booster seat. These 3 in 1 seats are expensive, but they are a good investment as they will be suitable as baby grows.

I am an avid comparison shopper, so once I chose the Eddie Bauer 3-in-1 Deluxe seat, I had to find the best deal. I found the seat available at many retail locations, ranging from $200-$300. I was so happy to find the seat is currently on sale at CANADIAN TIRE for only $167!!!! Great deal!!! They only have a one-year exchange policy on the seats, but the cashier said that if the seat did not fit in my Jeep then we could return within one week no problem.

So then, I had to make sure it would fit. Front facing is no problem, but the seatbelt is about 6 inches too short for rearfacing. Thankfully, the lap belt of the middle seat is long enough for rear facing, so that will be just fine for us. It might make it a little more difficult to get DD in and out of the vehicle, but I think I feel safer with her in the middle seat anyways.

Check out your local Canadian Tire for this excellent deal!

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