Monday, 26 March 2012

First Time Hiking with the Baby

I was lucky to recieve a hiking carrier from my brother and sister in law for my baby shower, and the weather was so beautiful this weekend we decided to try it out!!

My DD loved being on daddy's back and was so excited to be able to see all around her as we trekked through the wilderness. She was jumping up and down, very vocal, and had a huge smile on her face. She lasted about 3 kms up the trail but then she started to get a bit fussy so we set up a mini camp on a large flat rock. DD didnt even know there was snow around!!!

Although the carrier takes a little while to adjust in preparation for the hike, it was very sturdy and we felt that baby would be very secure in the carrier. We knew that she would enjoy being upright and having her legs and arms free. The carrier is designed in a way that makes it easy to adjust for baby and for daddy, and with the various strap adjustments you can reduce the strain on your back and shoulders. My DH said that at first it feels like you are carrying an extra 20 pounds, but after a while your body adjusts and he barely even felt her there (except for when she kicked his back!!!) The carrier even has a detachable backpack that can hold your food, drink, and baby supplies.

I would recommend this carrier to anyone who wants to go for a trek. We were so happy to go to a trail that we previously couldn't attempt with a stroller. I am looking forward to a summer full of hiking and adventure with the little one!!!

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Glad you had fun!

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