Thursday, 15 March 2012

Baby Food Making Day!!!

I find making my own baby food is lots of fun!!! You can create new blends of tastes by combining different foods as well as introduce new flavours with ease. Of course, my handy dandy Baby Bullet makes the entire process much easier!

We started solids when baby was 5 months old. I found she was hungry after feeding on the boob and she started mooching when my husband and I were eating. We started with the basics - baby cereal, apples, pears, squash, bananas, and peas. Of course it is important to keep track when you introduce new foods so that you can watch for reactions. After 4 days from trying a new flavour, I introduce another new flavour.

New tastes for the next two weeks are mango, zucchini, and cottage cheese!!! I am also going to try apple juice (diluted of course) in a sippy cup to see how she does, as well as Mum mum crackers. This will be great because she is just starting to teethe and she seems to enjoy sucking on the crackers.

I am going to watch her reaction to the cottage cheese. She hasn't had any negative effects from yogurt (which I introduced two weeks ago) but I still think I need to be careful with dairy products. Her doctor has approved, but better safe then sorry.

What new baby foods are you trying this week?

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