Thursday, 15 March 2012

Need your teething tips and tricks!!!

So my dear daughter has started teething. This has been accompanied by a fever and very irritable behaviour. I have tried frozen teething rings, chewy toys, mum mum crackers, frozen waffles, pacifiers, and frozen yogurt tubes. She is in so much pain, and I am looking for advice on how to help her get through it.

Of course I have been giving her baby tylenol for the fever and the pain, but I am looking for any other ideas that might help her!

PLEASE HELP!!! Comment below.....

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Shawna said...

Hey KC! Visiting from Top Mommy Blogs!
For teething we used a homeopathic treatment called camilia and found it really helped with restlessness. Our son doesn't really respond to Tylenol but Advil also helped. Hope you find something that helps!
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