Friday, 9 March 2012

Cut Down Your Daily Costs of Having a Baby

One of the great ways that I have saved money while having a baby is by creating a clothing exchange with other moms.

I have not had to buy any clothes (except for things that were just too cute to pass up) for my daughter because I found some other moms online that had baby girls before me. Its perfect, everytime she grows out of one size, I return it to the other moms and get the next size. I have about two full rubbermaid totes for each size that she will go through.

There are great ways to connect with moms in your area, such as forums online (my favorite is babycenter)and at the local health units. I have even met other moms waiting in the doctors office and grocery store!!!

Babies grow so quickly, and although baby clothes are not overly expensive, this is a simple easy way to save a buck!!!

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