Friday, 9 March 2012

How many outfits in a day?

I was amazed at how many outfits I went through each day. Babies spit up, drool, are messy eaters, and can leak right out of their diapers. Laundry can build up very quickly!!!

I always kept an extra outfit with my diapers "just in case". Thank God I did!!! I think in the first week we probably went through 30 outfits or more!!! Make sure you have enough beforehand, or just be really committed to doing laundry in your down time (haha, whats that?)

In the beginning, babies eat a little bit many times a day due to tiny stomachs, but they often just eat and eat and do not really know when to stop. If you do have a little milk munching machine, everything extra will come back up. Keep lots of receiving blankets and washcloths handy to keep up with the mess. Otherwise you quickly accumulate little piles of baby barf in spots you would never even imagine. No joke, one time I found dried milk all the way down the arm of my lounging chair. I discovered it is way easier to clean up when its wet, dried milk requires a scraper and muscle!!!

This was outfit #6 on a particularly messy day
Its funny how if baby throws up, I change her right away, but if I get barfed on it doesn't really matter. I cant tell you how many times my hubby came home and looked at me like a crazy person. Apparently puke on both shoulders, down my back, and in random spots on my clothing is not attractive. Trust me, after a while you wont even notice. Except for the smell, god that's awful!!!

If you decide to venture out into the world with baby, check yourself in the mirror for hidden treasures..... or just get changed because thats just easier!!!

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